Welcome to PRG!

Primal Rage Gaming (PRG) is a large guild turned gaming host. PRG specializes in the survival genre and offer games such as 7 Days to Die, Empyrion, Ark, Conan Exiles, and Atlas. PRG has been gaming since 2009 and has over 11,000 members worldwide. PRG has very active admins and the most awesome gaming community that can be found. PRG has set out to host the most popular survival games and provide an outlet where friends can play many games while staying within one gaming community.

Morale Centered

Our goal is to have a morally centered foundation. We are gamers. We stay out of politics and trash talking. Our staff have regular training on the benefits of a loving and centered administration style. We don’t hassle players without cause, and we ensure that toxic players are not permitted to stay. A clean, healthy, and loving environment is our goal and our charge.

Multiple in One Platform

Our Multiple in One Platform is at the core of our system. The original vision was to have one place, one group, where our guild members could enjoy themselves without losing touch with their friends. As time passes, we offer more games, more fun, and more customization.

Created by Gamers for Gamers

Our leadership team is packed with veteran gamers. As we roll out new offerings, those games are led by veteran gamers that can ensure that players get the most out of their time with us. PRG was created by Gamers, for Gamers!

7 Days to Die

Join one of the top guilds in the nation as we go head-to-head in a zombie survival game where crafting, world manipulation, one world system and heavy customization come to a head! You aren’t scared of the screaming, are you?


Join one of the top guilds as we traverse several maps along a massive cluster from Ark Survival Evolved to ARK Survival Ascended. Crafting, Survival, and taming are the name of the game. Steam Charts show that over 30,000 players are in game right now. Are you ready to join the best?


Empyrion Galactic Survival is a next level survival game. It has it all. Craft, Survival, Word Manipulation, Multi-World systems, stars, galaxies, and first-person shooter combat style. Start on an alien planet searching for survivors as you prepare to build your own ship and travel the stars. Come join one of the best servers in the game!

Conan Exiles

Conan is an adventurous survival crafter with amazing combat, excellent crafting, and a vast world of excitement. Fight with friends and take down bosses. Visit majestic lands and check out the different servers along the way. Capture workers and build an empire. Craft your own destiny today!


Join the top guild in a massive pirate world called Atlas. Excellent visuals, fun combat, world exploration, crafting, fighting, and ship building bring this game to the top in the survival world. The key to fun gameplay in Atlas is the server and the community. Come join the best of the best.

Black Desert

In a world of survival crafters, Black Desert is our home MMORPG. We host a version of black desert that is experimental with our own launcher and files. Black Desert is a landmark sandbox MMORPG. Its beauty and combat are its strong points along with adventure, worker empire, boss fights, world and guild pvp, and so much more. We host the Remastered, Archer, version with customized updates. Come see what all of the talk is about!

The Front

The Front has exploded on the scene. The Front is a survival open-world crafting sandbox game. You are a resistance fighter sent back in time to stop the rise of a tyrannical empire. Collect resources, craft tech, build shelters, and fight monsters to accomplish your mission. Join us as we take on this post-apocalyptic world!