Guild Rules

After all, without any rules, all we are left with is stress and anarchy.

1- Don’t be toxic, period. We are a friendly family here with a healthy community.
2- If on Discord, your nickname needs to match your in-game name.
3- No flaming in chat especially about sensitive subjects (religion/politics).
4- No Advertising/Discussing other servers or attempting player poaching.
5- If you need staff support, leaving a support ticket on Discord gets our attention the best.
6- No disrupting the game/games or chat. Toxicity and Disruption of any kind are prohibited.
7- Do not reveal information about yourself, personally. Online communities are great, but these are still “strangers”.
8- Recording/Streaming without the permission of the chat/group you are in, is prohibited.
9- Keep politics/conspiracies out of gaming.
10 – Discord is 18+ age minimum.
11 – Do not @ or DM staff. If you have issues, please post a support ticket No @admins or @moderators, etc.
12 – This is a private gaming community. Any person may be removed without cause.